Rezo, also known as Rezo the Red Priest, was a priest, and the first main antagonist in the series. He is also Zelgadis' great grandfather.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Rezo is man almost completely red, hence his name, the Red Priest. He has purple hair. Because of his blindness, it was unknown what color his eyes were, until after the first defeat of Dar Lord Shabranigdo, his eyes were brown.

On the surface, Rezo appears to be a kind and generous priest, but in reality, he is cold, ruthless, and to top it all off, completely mad. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


Rezo was who was able to heal people's blind eyes but not his own, which drove him insane. He did not know that the dark lord was sealed behind his eyes. When he was possessed by Shabranigdo, he became eager to find the philosopher stone so that the dark lord can heal his eyes, however he ended up taking over Rezo and very nearly killed him. After the final battle with the dark lord, in the first Slayers series, he was presumed dead, until Evolution-R when it was revealed that his soul was sealed inside the Hellmasters Jar.