Duclis is a human whose spirit inhabits the beastman body. He is extremely muscular and a head taller than Gourry. He is a friend of Pakota and After entering the king's mansion of Taforashia, Lina and her friends are confronted by Duclis, Gioconda, and Ozel. Duclis is working for Gioconda, a marquess of Ruvinagald, who is taking control of Taforashia. Duclis' reasoning is that no one else is doing anything to save the sleeping residents of Taforashia, so he has no other choice but to join forces with Ruvinagald.

Duclis eventually turns against Gioconda after learning from Wizer that she stole the aid money given by other countries to Taforashia. He activates the Zanaffar armor she is wearing, awakening a perfect Zanaffar which consumes Gioconda. Duclis makes an agreement with Zanaffar to destroy every city and country that didn't help Taforashia in exchange for making more perfect Zanaffars.

Duclis after the Zanaffar armor merges with his body. After Lina and her friends defeat Zanaffar, Duclis appears. His body is being consumed by the Zanaffar armor he has been wearing — he now walks on four legs like a centaur. He gives Pokota the opportunity to kill him, but Pokota refuses, so Duclis leaves.